Made In Singapore

While I was looking through the activities I could have done for this AEC assignment, something caught my eye and it was the topic on ‘Made In Singapore’. This got my attention because It was not known to me that Singapore invented many amazing products like the first ‘Ipod’ and also this gave me the chance to think about something I could invent imaginarily .Let me first get started by saying that Singapore is known for many things, from being the “Garden City” to having one of the best airports in the world. However, Singapore has also been known to have had many inventions which have became quite popular and useful throughout the years. The first thing I would want to talk about would be, the humble ThumbDrive, which was invented here in Singapore. It is a very nondescript and modest-looking product and was made by Trek 2000 International Limited which is a Singaporean company. Trek 2000 International Limited  headquartered in Singapore’s Loyang Industrial Estate.RAM-TD32-unit.jpg

The ThumbDrive is a thumb-sized universal serial bus (USB) data storage device. Which revolutionised the way digital data is stored and transferred in and out of computers. The ThumbDrive has also been recognised as one of the top 50 engineering achievements in Singapore since 1965, which I personally feel that it is something Singaporeans can be proud of. The Thumb Drive made storing and transferring digital information, easier and more convenient. As it is a small pocket sized device which is capable of storing huge amounts of data. Hence, I feel that this invention made in Singapore should be more appreciated by us as one of our very own invented it.

Secondly, we have an invention like “Carousell” which is an app founded in Singapore that has impacted many, in terms of shopping online. Carousell-logo-684x360.jpgIt is a mobile platform for buying and selling items, be it first or second hand items. Siu Rui Quek, Lucas Ngoo and Marcus Tan started on 14th of May 2012 and since then, Carousell has become the number 1 lifestyle application in Singapore and has a presence in Taiwan, Indonesia and Malaysia. As of 2016, about 23 million items have been sold on Carousell, showing just how much it is used in people’s lives. This app allows you to sell your items without having to start a business, it is probably the reason why it is so liked by many, as it makes peoples lives easier and more convenient. The founders of Carousell:
2015-07-22-1437541123-6416662-Founders6.jpgThe third thing that caught my eye, that was invented here in Singapore would have to be, this interesting product called the HFMD (Hand Foot Mouth Disease) test-kit. It helps detect signs of HFMD in 15 minutes instead of a few hours which is really an innovation. As it can really save time for a person to prepare and get ready to overcome the momentary sickness. Which could last over a period of about 3 to 5 days, for both children and adults. It was invented by Dr Tan Eng Lee and developed by researchers in Singapore Polytechnic, in 2015. Although, it is not yet commercialised, efforts have been made to help it eventually hit pharmacy shelves.

In conclusion, although these products are different in many ways in terms of function and properties. They have one thing in common and that is to help and better peoples lives and make it so that people have an easier way of doing things or to put it simply make it convenient for people. Hence, if I were to be an inventor I would want to invent something that would make peoples lives easier and better, I would probably create something along the lines of medicine as sicknesses can be fatal if not treated and it would be pretty cool to be able to save a person’s life indirectly.



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