$5-Dollar Challenge

      On the 10th of July 2018 I decided to do the $5-challenge which was over the HBL period. I decided to do this challenge as one of the activities as, I felt that it would enlighten and allow me to be more aware and less ignorant about the lower income families. Some […]

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Made In Singapore

While I was looking through the activities I could have done for this AEC assignment, something caught my eye and it was the topic on ‘Made In Singapore’. This got my attention because It was not known to me that Singapore invented many amazing products like the first ‘Ipod’ and also this gave me the […]

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What? We Kinda’ Caused the Haze?

Firstly, what is haze defined as? It is something that composes of smoke particles from huge peat(A brown material consisting of partly decomposed vegetable matter forming a deposit on acidic, boggy, ground, which is dried for use in gardening and as fuel.) and vegetation fires. The haze is also known to be an air-borne mixture […]

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Unusual Occupations

A common question asked when we were younger was, “what do you want to be when you grow up?”. A lot of us would say that we would want to be doctors, teachers, actors, pilots and even astronauts. Which are considered careers that are quite well known in this day and age. However, if we […]

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We Learn To Play

I have always wanted to watch an orchestra perform live, as I always found classical music to be something that is soothing and relaxing. Since this assignment required me to watch something related to the performing arts, why not kill two birds with one stone? Therefore, I began my search for a show. I guess […]

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During my first term break (12/6/2018), I decided to go for the heritage trail to Fort Canning Park. Being a place rich in history, I felt that it would be able to tell me more about Singapore’s past. Critical war events occurred in the area and I have always been intrigued in wanting to know […]